About us

In 1991 the association ragazza (e.V.) began its low-threshold and acceptance-orientated drug work in St.Georg, Hamburg. Funds are provided by the Authority for Social Affairs, Family, Health and Consumer Protection. In addition, the association depends on donations to enable the provision of hot meals during opening hours as well as individual aid, which is not financed by the authorities. Clothing donations are also welcome. The association has the following objectives:

  1. To achieve and constantly develop offers of special help for drug consuming women working as prostitutes in St.Georg.
  2. To call attention to the situation of these women through outreach work and to counteract social exclusion.

ragazza opening times are geared to the working hours of visitors and will be adjusted to demand if necessary. The multi-professional team consists of female social education workers, female nurses, a female chief executive, a female administrator, female housekeeping staff and educational assistants. Female social education students under practical training support the activities. A female physician is available for consultation for two days a week.