Counselling and Support

In our contact centre we offer open and anonymous counselling on many different issues. We identify the individual needs of every single woman and attempt to find solutions which take personal situations into consideration and promote an acceptance-orientated attitude. We also offer support and case management and can accompany women to appointments with the authorities, doctors, courts etc. In cases of imprisonment we continue care and outreach work in penal institutions.

We readily offer assistance in the following fields:

  1. Counselling during a personal crisis or any other problems
  2. Advice on safer handling of drugs in order to avoid excessive physical harm (Safer Use)
  3. Advice on safer sexual practices to protect against physical harm (Safer Sex)
  4. Advice on Safer Work
  5. Medical and nutritional advice
  6. Advice and advocacy on substitution
  7. Advice and advocacy on detoxification and therapy possibilities
  8. Crisis intervention and immediate aid
  9. Mediation and advice for those without shelter or threatened by homelessness
  10. Support in dealing with the authorities
  11. Advice on social matters and help with applications for social benefits

(e.g. Hartz IV)

    • Advice on subjects such as pregnancy, education and family
    • Advice and help in monetary matters and settling debts
    • Advice on possibilities of quitting or transferring
    • Advice on legal problems and help to avoid custody
    • Advice on migration and alien law matters