Open Area

Contact and Counselling Centre

ragazza is a contact and counselling centre, meeting place and shelter for drug consuming women engaging in prostitution. Our work is anonymous, acceptance-orientated, supportive and aimed specifically at women. Confidential contact and mutual respect are essential. Our cafeteria is arranged like a small living room and it’s the first point of contact for our visitors:  women can meet here, rest and provide themselves with essentials, or just talk. To meet fundamental survival needs we can offer the following during opening hours:

Here, you may:

  • have something to eat and to drink
  • rest and rally
  • sleep
  • shower and wash your clothes
  • exchange needles
  • get clean clothes
  • get confidential advice
  • consume illegal drugs you have brought in under hygienic and safe conditions
  • get information on various issues surrounding drug use and prostitution
  • receive medical help